Can Guys Wear Name Necklaces?

Necklaces are a great way for guys to improve their style. One popular kind of necklace is the name necklace, which depicts a person’s name written out.

Name necklaces are generally more common for women. But does that mean that guys can’t wear them? In this article, we’ll explore some important factors to consider if you’re a guy who wants to pull off a name necklace.

Quick Answer

Not only can guys wear name necklaces — but they also have many options when doing so. Name necklaces can vary in font, color, language, and of course the name itself. Each of these details reflects the style and preference of the wearer, making the name necklace a great way to express yourself.

Let’s take a look at some important considerations that will help guys choose the name necklace that’s right for them.


Do Guys Wear Name Necklaces?

Plenty of guys wear name necklaces. More often than not, you’ll find guys wearing either their own names or the name of a loved one. Here are some situations which may lead a guy to choose to wear a name necklace:

To show pride for your name. Our names are a very important part of us. They’re a significant part of our self-identity which stays with us for our whole lives. Wearing a name necklace shows self-confidence, and can help people we’ve just met to remember our names. This ensures that we make a more memorable impression on them.

To show off a nickname. Is your name William, but you go by Billy? Or is your name Robert, but you go by Rocky? A name necklace can be a great way to introduce people to your nickname. It shows that you’re proud of your nickname, and can also serve as a reminder for other people, ensuring that they keep it in memory.

To honor a significant other. Wearing a necklace with the name of the person you love can be a flattering way of showing their importance to you. They will feel honored to have their name so closely affiliated with you. It also shows people that you’re in a caring relationship.

To honor a deceased loved one. A name necklaces can serve as a memorial to a dearly departed person. The necklace becomes a way to honor the person, and keep their memory close to heart — both literally and metaphorically.

A Man’s Guide to Types of Necklaces Which Can Be Worn

When considering what kind of name necklaces to wear, men have many options. Here are some necklace styles to keep in mind when considering a name necklace:


Do you want a smooth and classic look, or bold and in-your-face? A cursive script will give you an aesthetic way to present your name to the world. By contrast, a gothic script will catch the eye quicker. In addition, chain links can be a more masculine style of necklace.


For guys, both gold and silver are excellent options when considering a name necklace. These materials pair best with different kinds of skin tones: gold pairs best with warm skin tones, while silver pairs best with cooler skin tones. The benefit of both of these colors is that they pair well with a variety of clothes.


We often see name necklaces depict an English name. But name necklaces don’t necessarily have to use the Latin script. Wearing your name, or that of a loved one, in a different language can show homage, or honor a person’s heritage. It can also be a nice conversation starter, inviting people to ask about the meaning of your name necklace.

How Long Should a Name Necklace Be?

Necklaces can vary in length, from a choker-style necklace that wraps around the throat to a longer-hanging necklace. Name necklaces can also come in either of these two lengths or anything in between.

Men will typically wear necklaces that are longer. An important consideration is the typical cut of your shirts. If you typically wear V-necks, then having a shorter-style name necklace can ensure that the name doesn’t clash with the cut. If you typically wear shirts with higher cuts, then you can afford a longer necklace.

Can Guys Wear Necklaces With Their Girl’s Name On It?

Name necklaces can be a way to honor and show the importance of a person in your life. Like tattoos, they indicate that a person is important enough for you to wear a constant reminder of them, and show other people of their importance.

In addition, a name necklace can flatter your girl by showing her how important she is. However, make sure to check in with the girl before committing to a name necklace. Otherwise, you can risk appearing too possessive or misreading the relationship as more intimate than it actually is.

Are Name Necklaces Tacky (For Guys?)

Like many style choices, name necklaces aren’t tacky in and of themselves. However, there are a few factors to consider that will minimize the perceived tackiness of your name necklace.

The most important is the name you choose to wear. For example, if you choose to wear a girl’s name who you’ve dated for a short period of time, the name necklace can appear as a desperate gesture. Additionally, wearing the name of a celebrity you’ve never met can appear desperate as well.

What Material Name Necklace Should Guys Wear?

Guys’ necklaces can be made from a variety of materials, ranging from gold and silver. In some cases, they can also be made of painted plastic. However, we don’t recommend this kind of material because it can appear cheap.

Gold and silver are safe choices because guys often wear jewelry of this material. These days, you’ll find many guys wearing gold or silver necklaces and even bracelets. In that way, name necklaces can be perceived as just another jewelry style choice – but one which shows more personality.

Are Name Necklaces On Guys Cool?

Like many other style choices, name necklaces will look cool if you can wear them with confidence. If you’ve followed the considerations of this article and feel happy with your choice, then you will be able to take ownership for your fashion choice, and it will look good on you.

If you doubt whether your name necklace looks cool, consider trying a different font or material. Different styles will compliment different skin tones and body types. In addition, consider choosing a name that means something significant for you.

Wrap Up

When choosing a name necklace, guys can choose between different fonts, colors, scripts, and sizes. Each of these factors adds to the self-expression of this type of jewelry and ensures that your style remains fresh and unique.

What kind of name necklace are you considering wearing? Let us know in the comments below — you might find somebody with the same style choices as you!

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