When it comes to our appearances, we make a serious effort to look great. Nice clothes, well kept hair, and makeup only go so far towards making us look good. Our skin is a major part of how we look. It doesn’t matter what we do to enhance our look if we have wrinkles and sagging skin. So what do you do when aging catches us to you? That’s when it’s time to consider skin tightening treatments.

What is skin tightening?

Skin tightening is pretty much what it sounds like. As we get older, our bodies produce less collagen, a substance that repairs skin and contributes to elasticity. The skin thins due to lack of collagen and stretches, which creates the appearance of sagging. A good skin tightening treatment causes the skin to contract and stimulates collagen production to plump the cells and heal damage.

Problem areas

When you think of skin tightening, is it the facial area you first think of? There are many areas of the body where you can benefit from skin tightening:

· Midriff – After childbirth, many women have difficulty with the midriff area. Skin tightening can smooth out that area while tightening the skin.

· Hands – Excessive wrinkles on the hands can be treated to look younger. · Dimpled skin – Skin tightening will smooth out the skin, tighten it, and improve the overall appearance.

· Thighs and arms – These areas stretch and sag and are very noticeable. Skin tightening can help to reduce the sags and smooth these areas.

Readying yourself for Laser Skin Tightening

There are a few things that you will need to do prior to your appointment. Avoid sun exposure for as many as two weeks prior to your appointment. Overexposure damages the skin and makes the procedure difficult without harming the skin further. If you must be in the sun, use a strong SPF 60 or better and limit how long you are exposed.

The day of the appointment, clean your skin and don’t use any topical products. The skin needs to be free of toxins such as makeup, oil, serums, perfumes, and lotions. Any product can cause harm to the skin during treatment.

What to expect at the appointment

For your first appointment, arrive extra early as you will be expected to fill out health information. The technician may apply a numbing agent to the skin prior to treatment if you have a low tolerance for discomfort. Once the agent has taken effect, the technician will begin using the aesthetic-equipment on the skin, making several passes to thoroughly cover the area. You will likely feel a warming sensation and may feel some discomfort. Afterwards, the technician will give you instructions for followup care.

What to expect after the treatment

You may have side effects from the skin tightening procedure afterwards. Flushing of the skin in the treated area, much like a sunburn, and a warming sensation are common. Simply apply an ice pack to the area as needed.

Avoid any sun exposure for the next two weeks as it will make the side effects more pronounced and slow the healing time. Again, use a strong SPF 60 or better if you do go out in the sun. *This article is published in partnership with JV Partners Now. For further info, read my disclaimer here.

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