I received a very generous sample of these products in The Lilac Box 7 and had ample time to test both. It has been especially crazy hot in Malaysia the past couple of weeks and these 2 babies have definitely been put to test! So how did these products fare, Yay or Nay? photo-1-12 photo-2-13 Clarin White Plus Total Luminescent is a hydrating and whitening range which has Sandspurry extract and the ever famous, Hyaluronic acid in it. Sandspurry extract helps with dark spots and Hyaluronic acid helps with hydration. The serum is a transparent gel which is light in texture. I find that patting this serum onto my face causes it to be very sticky. It felt like I am patting glue onto my face..not pleasant at all. However, this serum absorbs very quickly when it’s massage into my face, no stickiness but just a smooth and soft surface. The hydrating emulsion is a white lotion and very light in texture. It is so light that it is almost runny. Like the serum, this lotion absorbs very quickly and leaves my face feeling fresh and smooth all day long. Even though both products are very light in texture, my face felt hydrated throughout the day. My face doesn’t get greasy at the end of day too instead it just felt supple and soft. I cannot comment on how effective the serum is with dark spot as I don’t have any (yet!) but the combination of both products are amazing in keeping the skin hydrated throughout the day. The only downside I can think of (besides the steep price….) is both products have strong sunblock smell. It does bother me a little but thankfully the smell goes away after a few minutes. Another 2 brilliant products from Clarins which are worth for me to consider purchasing full size!

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