Where Should Eyeliner Start? (Right Answer)

Remember, not every aspect of makeup comes naturally. You can probably put some powder or apply lipstick without much hassle, but other products, especially eyeliner, take a bit more practice. No one creates a perfect wing on the first try; forget the wing; it is even hard to match both eyes when it’s your first time.

While there’s no right or wrong way to apply eyeliner, some professionals have suggested the proper technique from where it should start and where it could end.


Quick Answer

Instead of starting at the outer corner, start from the inner corner or middle of your eye. Whether you’re putting eyeliner to the top or bottom, the shape of your eye can also identify the starting point of eyeliner. If you pick some unique looks, the starting point can also vary according to the desired look.

So far, we’ve covered a tad bit about where to start with eyeliner, but keep reading to learn more.

We’ll go through several looks you might want to try, as well as how your eye shape may influence the starting point of your liner.

We also have some fun facts about eyeliner that you wouldn’t want to miss. So, read on.

The Eyeliner protocol from Professionals

There are so many tutorials on applying the perfect liner to create multiple looks of your choice, but a few steps would be common to all.

Either you choose to start your eyeliner from the middle or inner corner of the eye, follow these steps for the perfect application.

Pre-liner Prep

If you’re going to use a pencil liner, ensure the tip is smooth and sharp. This will make it easier to draw a perfect line around your eye.

Second, you should prepare your eyes for the application. Apply an eye primer and concealer after cleaning your eyelid. This will prolong the stay of your liner and keep it smudge-proof.

Start thin

Very gently start drawing a thin line above your lashes, depending on the type of eyeliner you’re using. Marker liners can be a convenient option here.

You may be tempted to start just at the corner of your eye; however, this can make getting a uniform look on both eyes more challenging.

Begin in the middle

Begin with light strokes in the center of your eyelid, gradually making your way to the outer corner. Fill in the rest of the eyeliner if you want it to go all the way to the inner corner of your eye, or you can leave it like that if you like it better, starting from the middle.

Only if you desire a ‘winged’ look should you deviate from this rule. Draw your wing while keeping your eyes open.

Pro-tip: Never stretch your eye from the outer corner. 

When applying eyeliner, avoid pulling your skin too tight. It does not help with giving a precise line and does the opposite. Loosen up your eye, and instead of stretching the skin, use your other hand to support it.

Where to start your eyeliner?

There are two ways to start your eyeliner:

  1. The middle of the eyelid’sfull length does not need to be lined with eyeliner. Sometimes it’s best to begin in the middle. Applying eyeliner in the middle of the eyelids creates an optical illusion that diverts focus away from the inner corners of the eyes, and your eyes appear bigger.

People with smaller eyes should start slightly ahead of the center and use a more blended liner to have their eyes looks bigger.

  1. The inner corner of the eye. If you want a full-fledged eye makeup look, you can start your liner from the inner corner of your eyes. This can be the perfect way to start your liner when you want to pull off a snatched winged liner.

Remember the pro-tip here: do not stretch your eye.

Where to Apply Eyeliner?

Now that you know where your eyeliner should start, it’s equally important to know where you can apply it.

Eyeliner application is not as easy as it looks on those makeup tutorials. You have to master the skills for perfect liner by keeping up with practice. This will also tell you which type of liner suits you better.

Here are a few options you can practice:

  1. Eyeliner on the upper eyelid

For the top of your eye, line your eyelid with the liner, keeping it close enough to the lash-line, and thicken it as desired.

For winged eyeliner, stretch out this line to the outer corner of your eye.

  1. Eyeliner on the lower lid

Eyeliner on the lower lid is applied on the waterline or the outer corner just below your lashes.

You can go about two ways here; only line the outer corner with a smudgy liner for a natural look. And if you want a more dramatic look with smoky eyes, take a liner pencil and smudge it around your water line.

  1. Eyeliner On both lids

For a night out, use eyeliner on both the upper and lower lids of your eyes. It accentuates your eyes instantly. To achieve a dramatic look, you can go for a thicker liner, too.

Types of Eyeliner Available

With the increasing competition in the makeup industry, there’s a diversity of products available in the market, and the same goes for eyeliners.

Eyeliners come in variable types, sizes, and colors, and it is easier for users to pick the most convenient product for their use. Here are a few options you can explore.

  1. Gel Liner

Gel liners are one of the oldest forms of liner available in the market, and their demand has only gone up. They come with a slant brush applicator and are sold in small jars in a cake form. All you need to do is wet the applicator, brush it through the gel and apply. The slightly tapered brush helps in creating a perfect wing.

  1. Liquid Liner 

Liquid liners have also been in the market for quite some time and are a top pick for those who love a smooth application in one go. They come in a small cylindrical tube enclosed with an applicator. Make sure you screw it tightly because these liners tend to dry out much more quickly than the rest.

  1. Marker Liner

Marker liners have taken over the makeup world for more than two decades. They are super easy to use and are less likely to smudge at all. Marker liners are a life-saver for most beginners.

  1. Stamp Liner

Stamp liners have recently been introduced and have made life much easier. The stamp comes in various shapes for more creative eyeliner looks.

  1. Colored Liner

Colored liners have been in trend now and then. For those who love to play with different eye makeup looks, colored eyeliners can be a game-changer.

Which liner is most convenient to apply?

Always use pencil eyeliner if you’re new to applying eyeliner. The easiest way to apply eyeliner is with a marker or pencil. Other eyeliners, such as liquid or gel, are prone to smudging, and it’s tricky to get them right. However, you’re less likely to make mistakes with a marker liner.

If you like the look of liquid or gel liner, go for a liquid eyeliner pen rather than one with an applicator brush.

How to prevent your liner from smudging?

Smudgy eyeliners are no less than a nightmare, and they can ruin the whole look within seconds.

Here are a few tips to have a smudge-proof liner that lasts all day:

  • Pick top-quality eyeliner, preferably the one that dries out instantly.
  • Make sure your skin is free of oil or greasy moisturizer, keep the surface dry.
  • Use eye primer.
  • Apply concealer followed by a dab of translucent powder before application.
  • Use a makeup fixing spray over your eye-makeup.

Can kohl pencil be used as eyeliner?

Kohl is one of the most primitive eyeliners that we have. Women have been using kohl pencils for centuries, and we can’t deny how beautiful those smudgy kohl eyes look.

In today’s makeup world, more precise and snatched looks are preferred. While some makeup looks still need kohl pencils, such as smoky, dramatic eyes. Yet, eyeliners can’t be replaced for kohl pencils, for the precision they offer.

Wrap Up

So now that you know where to start your eyeliner and how to go about different application methods, pick up your eyeliner and tryyour favorite look.

You can always try different methods to check which one suits you better. Let us know in the comments section which eyeliner looks did you create?

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