What Do Knot Rings Mean? (Simple Answer)

Beautiful and intricate in its design, it is a hard thing to miss. Seeing a knot ring in a jewelry shop or on a friend’s finger is a common occurrence, just as it is common to ponder about what its meaning is.

With the many different designs, a knot ring has, you can quickly imagine that the knot rings must have significant meaning.

Quick Answer

Knot rings in design are complete loops with no start or endpoint that mean eternity, whether in love, friendship, faith, or loyalty. Most popularly, people use the ring to symbolize unity and love. When worn together with another person or figuratively with another item, they are “knotted together” and are unbreakable and inseparable.

Knot rings have been around for centuries and carry with them a much deeper meaning into what exactly they symbolize.


What Does the Knot Ring Symbolize?

The knot ring comes in many different styles, each variation of knot meaning a specific type of symbolization. These include:

Faith: In the early 7th century, knot rings had a religious association. Historians also found the knot designs used on these rings were in Bible manuscripts and crosses. Most famously was the trinity knot design, which had relations to the Holy Trinity in Christian beliefs.

Love: Taking up the most considerable portion of what a knot ring symbolizes, its use for love can come in many different contexts. The early steps of romance, such as a sign of devotion to the relationship, are an example of where this starts. Others include a parting promise for long-distance relationships, such as a Sailor’s knot. Further along, knot rings can symbolize a married couple’s eternal connection to one another.

Friendship: Some variations of the knot ring symbolize a deep connection between two close friends. This deep connection can vary between something entirely platonic or an open door towards a romantic relationship.

Loyalty: Consists of the bonded aspect of the knot rings. With any type of connection, whether through friendship, love, or faith, the knot ring one wears eternally binds the wearer to it.

Surprisingly, historians believe that the knot rings have had no original meaning in the perspective of their Celtic creators. Given the lack of written history, it is uncertain whether Celts originally intended the knots to be pure decoration. Nonetheless, the knot rings have developed specific meanings still held in modern times.

How to Clean a Knot Ring

As you wear your knot ring, you might notice that it has started to get dull or dirty over time. To ensure that it stays clean, you should properly clean your ring several times a year using the following process:

Step 1: Use a microfiber cloth – To first remove any dirt and oil from the knot ring, gently use a clean microfiber cloth to wipe off the ring

Step 2: Clean with soap or with a cleaner – It is preferable to use a non-abrasive cleaner, especially if your ring has gemstones or diamonds embedded in it. In the absence of a cleaner, it is acceptable to use a gentle soap and warm water to clean the ring. Use a jewelry brush or soft toothbrush to help clean the ring.

Step 3: Remove leftover residue – Submerge your knot ring into a small bowl of lukewarm water to remove any excess cleaner or soap.

Step 4: Dry your ring – Allow your ring to dry off on tissue paper before wiping it once more with the microfiber cloth.

Knot rings can be easily damaged or scuffed when cleaned improperly, so it is crucial to be gentle and meticulous while cleaning.

What Does a Celtic Knot Ring Mean?

A Celtic knot ring is another umbrella name for the knot ring, but it is more associated with the Celts. It is often used when referring to any of the 8 different types of knot rings.

No matter how intricate the knot design, the most common Celtic knot rings are made with a single thread in most cases with no visible start or end. This has the same meaning as a knot ring’s eternal friendship, love, faith, or loyalty.

What Does a Double Knot Ring Mean?

A double knot ring falls into the category of eternal love in knot rings. It is often referred to as a lover’s knot, representing an unbreakable bond specifically between two lovers. This is visualized in the ring itself, with two threads tying into one another, becoming one.

The double knot ring, which had originated from the tying of hands during Celtic wedding ceremonies, is often associated with the origin of the phrase, “Tying the Knot”.

What Do You Mean by a Promise Knot Ring?

When you see someone with a promise knot ring, it means that their lover is dedicated to the relationship. A promise ring is given from one lover to another to symbolize their romantic commitment, often before an engagement.

Unlike the double knot ring, the promise knot forms a loose knot with only one thread. The use of a singular thread shows that the lovers aren’t yet tied together eternally, but marriage can tighten the knot further.

What is an Infinity Knot Ring?

An infinity knot ring appears in the form of a knot appearing as the infinity symbol. It also appears as a more complex pattern of two hearts interlocking in an oval shape. This type of knot ring is more versatile in its meaning. A couple of examples of this meaning include:

  • Romantic love
  • A connection between two close friends

Despite this, the infinity knot ring can also stretch to symbolize an eternal connection to one’s faith, virtue, or a particular object of choice.

What is a Trinity Knot Ring?

A trinity knot ring is a knot ring with the Celtic trinity symbol. The trinity symbol has many diverse meanings that can depend on the person wearing it. Some of these various meanings include but aren’t limited to:

The three stages of life: Life, death, and rebirth.

The three domains: Earth, sea, and sky.

The three religious elements: The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

The passage of time: Past, present, and future.

With this ring, any three-fold set of virtues or elements can apply to its meaning. It is the main reason why many people use this symbol for knot rings.

Wrap Up

In its many types of designs, the knot ring has upheld a meaning of eternal friendship, loyalty, faith, and love that has lasted through centuries.

Now that you know more about the meaning of knot rings, do you plan on using knot rings in the future? Share your experience of seeing knot rings, whether from a friend or relative, in the comment section.

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